Krysia Zajonc (B.A., Stanford University, MBA, Columbia Business School) is cofounder and CEO of Local Food Lab. In 2015 I was named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Social Entrepreneurship. I was born in France and have lived in Michigan, on both coasts of the U.S, and in Costa Rica. I am a food entrepreneur and I have worked internationally with farmers, producers and buyers of organic food. Previously I worked for Facebook and for Stanford University. My experience as an entrepreneur of coffee and chocolate in Central America gave me a window into how disconnected people are from their food—what they eat, where it comes from and why it matters. I am passionate about reconnecting people to their food and their food systems. I have been a speaker at Stanford University’s Food Summit, San Jose State University, various Food Hackathons and the Social Innovation Summit. 


Mateo Aguilar (B.A., Columbia University) is the cofounder and COO of Local Food Lab. I’m also the website designer and photographer. A native of Southern California, I’m a visual artist and designer with a focus on aquaponics and closed-loop biomimetic systems. I have lived and worked in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Costa Rica and South Korea. I gained extensive background in food service, food buying and food distribution working with Trader Joe’s and for restaurants across the U.S. and I have launched three food startups. I’m a veteran of the U.S. military where I specialized in transportation, logistics and extremely long road marches. I am now passionate about supporting local foodsheds and their potential to deliver healthy food to underserved areas. Occasionally I surf, skate and rotate.


James Shannon (B.S., Sonoma State University) is the cofounder and Director of Business Development for Local Food Lab. I graduated Magna Cum Laude in International Business and I am focused on food and farm entrepreneurship. A native of Northern California I have worked in Costa Rica, Japan, and Chile. My work and travel experience abroad has fueled my holistic understanding that what we eat and where it comes from shapes our individual and collective lives. I believe that a focus on local and sustainable food has the potential to simultaneously promote well-being and to boost economies.