Build your food startup toolkit

A one-day intensive sustainable food business workshop led by top startup instructors and a panel of experienced food entrepreneurs from your city. Learn startup planning strategies through the lens of your existing food business or new food startup idea. Walk away with actionable next steps for building your company and tools you will use throughout your career.

Learn From Experts 

Hands-on workshops taught by experienced food entrepreneurs.

Build Your Business Plan

Rapidly draft and workshop an actionable 12-step startup plan.

Grow Your Company

Develop a fundraising strategy that's right for your food startup.

What You'll Learn

Learn the basics of launching and growing a food startup through instruction, hands-on business workshops and exposure to industry experts. The bootcamp introduces vital business concepts including customer discovery, market and industry analysis, financial forecasting, sales and marketing strategy, development of a social mission statement, fundraising best-practices and how to effectively pitch your food startup.

The bootcamp incorporates startup best practices from Silicon Valley with concepts from radical food system innovation, social entrepreneurship and impact investing.


What's included in the price?

  • A full day of Food Startup Academy Training
  • Access to LFL’s Alumni Meetups and more LFL Alumni Perks
  • A delicious and locally sourced lunch
  • A course package to take home

Who teaches the Bootcamp?

Bootcamps are taught by LFL's core team of skilled instructors—Krysia Zajonc and Mateo Aguilar—and experienced food startup founders from your city. Meet past panelists from Bootcamps in Los Angeles, New York City and Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

Who should take the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp is perfect for people interested in using entrepreneurship to build a better food system. Students well suited for our program are those interested in creating startups that offer packaged and prepared food products, catering and food services, urban to medium-scale agricultural products and services, and programs that expand the interest and demand for a more sustainable food system. Not sure if your startup fits into one of these categories? Write to us at info@localfoodlab.com.

What size startups should take the Bootcamp?

This course is appropriate for people who are thinking about starting a food business AND for growing food companies. The bootcamp is designed to help you define and execute your most pressing goals whether that be mapping your launch plan or refining your existing operations.

Do I need to be sure of my idea for a startup before taking the Bootcamp?

No, successful startups rely as much on the determination of the entrepreneur as on the idea for a business. If you don't have an idea for a startup but you are committed to helping fix our food system through business, you’ll learn and practice tools that you can use throughout your career. If you have any questions, contact us at info@localfoodlab.com.

What can I expect to accomplish by the end of the Bootcamp?

  • A business plan and investor pitch OUTLINE
  • A place in the rapidly growing network of people committed to building the next wave of sustainable food and farm businesses
  • Actionable next steps for launching and growing a food startup

Do I need a laptop to participate?

Participants will need to bring their own laptop or a tablet to the bootcamp.


Excellent preparation and pace. The day was jam packed but kept us thoughtful and engaged. The panel discussion was terrific and the feedback of current entrepreneurs is essential for crafting an approach and rethinking weaker points of one’s business plan.
— Kathleen Blakistone, Los Angeles 2015
You were all great...it was the best workshop and the most bang for the buck anyone could ask for! Extreme clarity for me although I’m well in the process of my startup. Regardless it helped to solidify my ideas and plans. LFL is helping for the change that is so badly needed.
— Peter Schrager, San Francisco 2015
The 12-point business plan, especially the powerpoint example, was most helpful. It was surprising how effectively the bootcamp could address the concerns and questions of a wide variety of entrepreneurs in the group. Finally, I appreciated the candid answers from the panel. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work!
— Linda Shiue, San Francisco, 2015
Even with an extremely nascent business plan the bootcamp helped me realize in what direction I could take all of my ideas. The recommendations on customer development and positioning strategy were especially useful for tailoring my over-zealous thinking and helping me focus on one competitive edge at a time.
— Michelle Cashen, New York City, 2014
The business plan and survey exercises increased my confidence to move forward with the start-up process. The exercises were very valuable practice which helped me answer questions I was unable to answer before.
— Gail Samuels, San Francisco, 2015
I’m glad we had an opportunity to have a group like LFL come and share this type of info and bring so many of people like us, seeking guidance, together in a group setting...great networking opportunity.
— Liliana Alvarado, Washington D.C., 2014