Feature Update: Edit Your Portfolio Images with our new Photo Editor

Posting to your Local Food Lab portfolio just got more fun! Our new photo editor allows you to edit your pictures with tools such as filters, special effects and cropping.   


Step 1 - Choose Your Image

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.29.22 PM.png


Step 2 - Edit Your Image

The Aviary editing tools will appear above your image.

Tip: Use the magnifying glass to zoom in on your image.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 4.31.15 PM.png

Below are the tools available in the editor:

  • Orientation: Rotate and flip your image
  • Crop: Crop a portion of your image
  • Enhance: Auto-correct your image with one of the four enhancement settings
  • Brightness: Adjust the overall image brightness
  • Contrast: Adjust the overall image contrast
  • Effects: Choose from a variety of effects and filters for your image
  • Saturation: Adjust the overall image saturation
  • Sharpness: Blur or sharpen your image
  • Draw: Add doodle overlays to your image with a brush
  • Redeye: Remove redeye from your image with a brush
  • Whiten: Whiten teeth and spots in your image with a brush
  • Blemish: Remove skin blemishes with a brush

Tip: Use the arrows on the left and right to navigate through the editing tools.


Step 3 - Save Image

Click the Save button to save the changes made to your image.


Happy posting! 

- The Local Food Lab Team