Featured portfolios: Week of January 13, 2013

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Q&A with Prohibition era inspired jammers


Amy Lorber and Erin Ackley, sisters and cofounders of a locally sourced cocktail themed jam company, give us the ins and outs of launching a preserves startup. Read more.

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Tune in to Food Lab News on Thursday, January 23 between 10am - 12pm PST for an AMA or "Ask Me Anything" with social entrepreneurship consultant and principal at Friday Consulting, Shivani Ganguly. Bring questions about how to address the triple bottom lines in your business—social, environmental and financial.


This Week's Featured Portfolios

Forging connections through food innovation


  • From building rooftop gardens for restaurants to shooting films about food system sustainability, Roots & Stems is a design and media duo that brings transformative change to the way we view our connections with our food. [1 - 5]

Good food with good company


  • The next social food and friends app has arrived. Supper Club App makes it easy to create or join club groups, share recipes, food experiences and much more. It's perfect for potluck groups, cooking clubs, or anyone who wants to connect and share food experiences. [2 - 5]

Transforming our perception of edible insects


  • Austin-based Little Herds is a non-profit organization focused on educating the next generation on the environmental and health benefits of edible insects. If you're still questioning this trend, you need to check them out. [3 - 5]

Pâté for your puppy?


  • Northern California's Sir Wellington Boots & Co. brings us gourmet treats for the canine connoisseur.  They offer handcrafted, organic, and locally sourced pet food that delivers the benefits of live nutrients to your dog's diet. [4-5]

Eat like the world depends on it


  • The food tech app from Nosh Planet is a great way to find sustainable and ethical food at local eateries near you. They already have over 1000+ listings and their listings are growing everyday. [5-5]

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