"Ask Me Anything" with Olivia Tincani

Need help with your food startup?

Get ready for an AMA or "Ask Me Anything" with Olivia Tincani, food and farming entrepreneur turned food startup consultant and principal at Fare Resources.

 Olivia can help answer questions about best practices in ethically minded businesses and give tips about tools and resources available to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Join the conversation on Food Lab News August 30th, 10am - 12pm PST.

Fare Resources discussion

Fare Resources discussion

About Olivia Tincani

Olivia began her path to resistance in her father’s tomato garden in California and her uncle’s vineyard in Italy. Olivia was the managing partner of Farm 255, a unique “farm-AND-table” operation in Athens, Georgia, founded in 2005, that grew much of its produce on its own farm, Full Moon Farms. With her partners, she also opened Farm Burger in nearby Atlanta, serving 100% local grass-fed burgers sourced entirely from their Moonshine Meats collective, a pasture-based producers cooperative that supplies grass-fed beef for four restaurants with a whole-animal mentality. Olivia also acts as creative director for the symbiotic businesses. Prior to her Georgia adventures, Olivia worked in New York as an associate producer for Cabengo, a creative studio that develops communications strategy, usability, architecture, and interaction design projects for world-class cultural and educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Olivia also works as a community organizer for grassroots networks and non-profit organizations such as Slow Food International, The National Young Farmers Coalition, and The Greenhorns. She recently began the Southeastern Young & Beginning Farmers Alliance, the only regional grassroots effort promoting community development and policy change for the new agrarians of the Southeast. She is a Leadership Board member of The Spence Group, a nascent food and farming investment fund. Olivia lives nomadically between the US and Italy, working with clients in every locale, and double-digging her father’s garden on her days off.