Local Food Lab launches #LFL3 @ POST

Local Food Lab starts its Winter Accelerator today at the modern Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) building in down town Palo Alto. We’re thrilled about the space for many reasons, like it’s proximity to the train station, and cafés and restaurants, where we hope the LFL community will continue conversations and brainstorming after class.

But we are most excited to be working at POST because of their incredible work preserving farmland in the Bay Area. Local food system vitality rests firmly on healthy farmland worked by farmers who are dedicated to its stewardship. This is exactly what POST guarantees when it leases land to farmers at an affordable price in exchange for signing a conservation easement. POST is bringing down the cost barrier many farmers face as well as helping the the farmers they work with on maintenance projects, permit applications, water issues, and grant writing.

To check out the farmland and farmers POST works with and where to find their products, check out http://www.openspacetrust.org/whatwesave/farms.html.

And to the folks at POST, thanks for this incredible opportunity!