Featured Portfolios: Week of December 3, 2013

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  • Esha Gupta uses visual media to beautifully capture farmers, good food producers and entrepreneurs. From Gospel Flat Farm in Bolinas, CA to Roberta's Pizzeria in Brookyln, NY. Get in touch with Esha via her gorgeous LFL portfolio. [1 - 5]
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  • Kama Food Lab mixes flavors from the streets of India with home cooking from the US for delightful results. Ask them how they got started. [2 - 5]
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  • Watsonville, CA has a new kid on the block. Viridis Aquaponic Growers is only 90 days old and is already harvesting daily—all while using 97% less water than conventional farms. [3 - 5]
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  • Need help with your recipes? Oregon-based writer, photographer and recipe developer Karista of Karista's Kitchen captures everyday moments and extraordinary food. [4-5]
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  • Commercial kitchen space in Nashville, TN? You bet. Mesa Komal, a project of Conexión Américas, offers hourly or monthly kitchen space rentals and cooking classes for the community. Contact them to sign up for a slot. [5-5]