Featured Portfolios: Week of December 9, 2013

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A delicious solution to our food waste problem

  • Valley Girls Foodstuffs partners with at-risk youth from Sonoma Valley Teen Services to produce artisan food goodies using seconds from local grocery stores. [1 - 5]
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Sibling sauce entrepreneurs

  • Brooklyn-based brother and sister startup, The Saucey Sauce Company, makes small batch Vietnamese dipping sauces, or Nước chấm, using local ingredients. Watch their startup story as told to ABC News. [2 - 5]
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Meet Red, Baby Dun and a cow named Google

  • Curious about raising heritage breed beef? The Prairie Pasture Project uses holistic management and intensive grazing to improve soil and land. [3 - 5]
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The tech behind flavor pairing


In SF? Grab some crab this weekend