Featured Portfolios: Week of November 25, 2013

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  • Looking for photos that make your brand pop? SF-based food and farm photographer, Jonathan Fong, beautifully captures these Terra Bella hogs and more from the good food movement. [1 - 5]
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  • The Spencer family, founders of LocalFolks Foods, is preserving the bounty of Indiana farms for year-round enjoyment with sauces and condiments. [2 - 5]
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  • Brisbane's first incubator for food entrepreneurs, Wandering Cooks, offers kitchen space, resources and a killer vertical vegetable and herb garden. [3 - 5]
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  • Need help with labeling? Recipal's simple software for food startups does nutrition analysis, labeling and costing for food products. [4-5]
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  • Homemade is a weekly cooking community for sustainable weight loss—take home a week's worth of healthy meals cooked from scratch with friends. [5-5]