Featured Portfolios: Week of November 18, 2013

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  • Can you find fruit in an urban jungle? Filmmaker Roman Zenz finds out in the upcoming documentary Urban Fruit. [1 - 5]
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  • Aggressive San Diego-style beers tempered with the simplicity of the Eastern Sierras—watch June Lake Brewery launch and grow their beer startup. [2 - 5]
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  • Is this the future of protein? Tiny Farms wants to feed a growing world by developing a ready supply of sustainable and nutritious edible insects. [3 - 5]
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  • How can we get kids cooking? Raddish is a monthly subscription service that delivers illustrated recipe guides and culinary adventures right to your door. [4-5]
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  • Planting seeds should be as easy as drinking coffee. SeedTabsencourages growing by making it easy to find seeds in everyday places. [5-5]