Why Local Food Lab

Local Food Lab was created by Krysia Zajonc and Mateo Aguilar in 2012 in an effort to support the next wave of sustainable food and farm entrepreneurs. We saw a need in the startup ecosystem to focus exclusively on food system entrepreneurs who face unique challenges like complex labeling and regulations, lack of early stage capital, low barriers to entry and few opportunities to pool resources and create community.

Since then we have held two 6-week Startup Accelerators and Demo Nights (and are in the process of holding a third), we have brought together a community of hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry professionals and we have learned a tremendous amount about what first-time food and agriculture entrepreneurs need to get their ideas off the ground.

We are launching our new site and the Food Lab News community to continue supporting the ideas and companies that are creating a food system that is more healthy, just and resilient. Please join us in supporting this inspirational community of startups, entrepreneurs and mentors.